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        Six telescopic rod protective sleeve Advantages

        News source:JIANGSU ANCAI MECHANICAL EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD.   Time: 2015.07.29

        Six telescopic rod protective sleeve Advantages

        1, the external screw shields of three anti-cloth made of rubber and oil, no trachoma.

        2, dustproof, waterproof, anti-oil, anti-emulsion and chemicals.

        3, the outer fabric is three anti-cloth, have a hard bead support, energy, low temperature between -40 ℃ to work at high temperature 110 ℃.

        4, for the diameter and length, specified by the user. The product range of 120mt / min.

        5, telescopic rod protective cover horizontally or vertically. Level is recommended when using plastic or aluminum support ring, keeping guard a certain uniform distance between the cavity and the screw, and prolong life. Stretching the length of time you can add a large metal ring at each compromise, to improve the stability of the shroud.

        6, screw shields into steel protective cover and rubber protective sleeve. Protects the screw shaft, mechanical and other types of optical components from dust, iron and other contamination, randomly bed parts as stretch or compress motion. Installed in the machine internal or external, can be vertical or horizontal use.

        7, screw shields stitching process can be applied to the three anti-cloth according to FIG car out of the film and the film is connected then stitched together, and finally dig from the middle, then zip the car. When you use the zipper pull, the light bars or screw set into, and finally zip up on it, it is relatively simple to install, use can be vertical or horizontal.

        8, telescopic rod characteristics completely leakproof protective sleeve can be bent telescopic tube diameters and lengths are available without restriction according to customer requirements.

        Telescopic rod protective sleeve connection:

        A neck clamp connection ends;

        Two ends of the flange screw connection;

        Three end neck screw clamp connection flange end connections.

        Material: special cloth lined with steel three defenses cloth; plastic cloth lined steel; steel-lined stone cotton; lining cloth high temperature wire; lined steel retardant cloth; lining fireproof steel; steel-lined anti-tarpaulin ; lined with steel. Order requirements: The customer must provide a stretched length; thickness after shrinking two; three protective member diameter; maximum outer diameter of the sheath required to connect four ways; five environmental and material requirements using technical notes. The thickness ratio of the length of the sheath after stretching and contraction generally after one meter than fifteen centimeters Customers can also request processing production ratio greater or smaller retractable sheath products this product has been widely cited in steelmaking, casting, petroleum prospecting, metal quenching and other fields.


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