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        Features JDMC series of pulse length baghouse

        News source:JIANGSU ANCAI MECHANICAL EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD.   Time: 2015.07.29

        JDMC long series pulse jet bag filter is based on pulse (jet pulse) dust removal technology, and to meet the needs of wind capacity flue gas purification developed against voltage pulse bag filter. It not only has anti-bag filter cleaning ability than dust, high efficiency, low emission concentration advantages, it also has stable and reliable, low consumption, small footprint features, particularly suitable for handling large air volume fume .JDMC series low pressure long bag pulse filter has been widely used in the world, it has also been widely used in foreign countries, promotion, and can be widely used in cement, metallurgy, building materials, petrochemicals, food, machinery, carbon black, electricity, waste incineration, industrial furnaces purification and recycling, etc. at room temperature or high-temperature dust-like material containing gas.

        The product combines the advantages of sub-room cleaning and pulse cleaning two types of dust, to overcome the lack of sub-room cleaning and general cleaning strength reattachment pulse cleaning dust and other shortcomings, making cleaning efficiency, greatly reduced injection frequency . The product uses submerged pulse valve, reducing the supply pressure and blowing spray equipment energy consumption, extend the life of the bag, pulse valve, a large integrated technology to improve performance.


        ● design, using the inlet structure, high temperature coarse particles directly into the hopper, effective protection of the bag.

        ● with long bag, when the same area less processing power, more convenient old plant transformation.

        ● The compartment separation line cleaning, high efficiency, less secondary adsorption dust, while effectively reducing the energy consumption of equipment, the degree of fatigue bag and pulse valve also reduced accordingly, exponentially increase the bag and valve sheets life, a significant reduction in equipment operation and maintenance costs.

        ● Maintenance for bags can keep the system under the conditions of the fan, system uptime divided chamber.

        ● bag pocket with spring tensioner structure, easy accessibility, has a good seal.

        ● After airtight enclosure design, and kerosene leak, the maximum extent to reduce air leakage.

        ● the entire device from the PLC machine control, automatic cleaning, discharging and automatic temperature control and over-temperature announcer.


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