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        Central air conditioning system cleaned if you can do not need to install the cleaning and disinfect

        News source:JIANGSU ANCAI MECHANICAL EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD.   Time: 2015.07.29
        Central air conditioning system cleaned if you can do not need to install the cleaning and disinfection of equipment? Some people think that, after the central air conditioning and ventilation system cleaning may need to install purification and disinfection equipment, and this view is clearly incorrect. People hold this view, not only is not known central air conditioning installation of air purification importance of sterilizing apparatus, and into the central air cleaning errors. Because of its one-sided emphasis and reason and so on, so that people think that as long as the cleaning central air conditioning can solve air quality problems, while ignoring the existence of which many errors. Myth one: cleaning central air-conditioning can be achieved with standard air hygiene. In fact, cleaning central air conditioning and not block the formation of cross-infection of microbial contamination. Cleaning and disinfection of central air conditioning had an outbreak and public health hazards accident is still Zi spread dangerous bacteria and other microorganisms. Currently, many of our urban centers widespread air pollution situation, central air conditioning regularly cleaned problems in operation. Shanghai has a central air-conditioning cleaning company from Europe reported that just cleaned central air-conditioning duct, a few days after the naked eye can see dust. Staff atmospheric conditions and building construction of the United States, Europe and other countries, different from our intensive. Foreign central air cleaning method is not entirely suitable for our country. Moreover central air conditioning cleaning is expensive, compared with other countries, such as to achieve the same standard, China's central air-conditioning is bound to increase the frequency of cleaning, this expenditure is enormous. Myth: cleaning central air conditioning can achieve air quality standards. In fact, the resulting microbial contamination of indoor air in public places is not only more important reason air conditioning, people's activities and outdoor air pollutants intrusive. Therefore, it should be emphasized the implementation of measures on indoor air purification and sterilization, the light on the central air conditioning and ventilation system cleaning and disinfection is clearly not enough. Myth: central air-conditioning duct in the detection of dust in assessing air quality in the building the way, this is unscientific. Should one air inside the building has reached "indoor air quality standards" (GB18883-2002). If the air inside the building reached the air quality standards for central air conditioning may not necessarily be regular cleaning or cleaning or even postpone cleaning. Cleaning central air conditioning and ventilation system is just a way to central air pollution control, and in the implementation process, there have been a number of shortcomings need to constantly overcome. For building indoor air hygiene management should take an integrated approach, it can not be overemphasized central air cleaning. Use antibacterial disinfectant sterilization, disinfection of air purification equipment, the use of clean air-conditioning, installation of indoor air purification and disinfection devices are very effective measures installed. Central air conditioning system, in particular the pollution in the pipeline, many of which are due to the poor management at the time of installation and the blame, not the shortcomings inherent in the central air-conditioning system. This problem belongs to the category of construction management, health management should not belong to the category. With the construction works in construction, installation and acceptance of standardized air-conditioning duct system when you install the accumulation of contaminants naturally no longer need people money and time to clean up. In the current situation of China, the central air-conditioning cleaning is required, but installation of purification and disinfection equipment is more necessary. Otherwise, cleaned central air conditioning system in a few months may exceed the relevant health requirements. The Ministry of Health specifications in public places must be installed central air-conditioning cleaning and disinfection of equipment is an important measure to prevent the spread of airborne diseases, is very much in line conditions.

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