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        The difference between air-cooled and water-cooled chiller chiller

        News source:JIANGSU ANCAI MECHANICAL EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD.   Time: 2015.07.29
        Air-cooled chiller and water-cooled chiller industrial chillers difference between air-cooled and water-cooled points, mainly refers to different condenser cooling. Water-cooled chiller towers to be set, to take advantage of cooling towers. Air-cooled chiller, contains within its body holding tanks and pump eliminates the need for additional cooling towers to heat, install, and very easy to move, but it required the work environment, because it is hot air circulation for cooling, so If the installation workshop ventilation is not good, it will directly affect the chiller's cooling effect. Chiller refrigeration form can generally be divided according to the water-cooled and air-cooled, technically, water-cooled air-cooled energy efficiency to be higher than the 300-500's kcal / h; the price, water is much lower than the air-cooled; On installation, water cooling towers need to be included before use, air is movable, no other assistance, but just by air-cooled chiller cooling fan on the environment has requirements: for example, ventilation, humidity, temperature is not high 40 ° C, pH, etc. air. Lead Sheng chillers are used in conjunction with multi-machine technology, making better chiller performance; 1, stable performance: the use of multiple compressors in parallel, each compressor comes with a separate cooling circuit, namely evaporators, condensing also completely independent; all compressors microcomputer control system by the unified command, one by one open, shut down, will not interfere with each other to each other, plus the brand in all genuine original production, the standalone low failure rate, the above reasons , you can ensure that the series has a highly stable machine performance, the first choice in many years of continuous operation, without the need to purchase additional backup machine. 2, energy saving: the use of multiple compressors in parallel, open, shutdown no interference on the power grid, as the load changes, the unit will automatically determine the number of power and regulation, to ensure open compressor work at its best state, thereby effectively save energy. 3, long life: evaporator, condenser design is very reasonable, and placed below the compressor, in the course of the entire operation, to ensure good operation of the compressor without any interference. Scope: plastic products, metals, chemicals, electronics, food preservation, laser engraving, vacuum coating, ultrasonic cleaning; power chillers are widely used in hotels, office buildings as central air conditioning, plastic cooling, food preservation, heating and cooling bath, medical storage and other industries. Chiller service: ⑴ warranty period: If the equipment design defects, manufacturing, transportation, installation, poor quality parts such as their own fault occurs, Party B is responsible for maintenance free, and free to replace the part. ⑵ external quality assurance of: whether the reason because the equipment itself, buyer human factors or external objective factors cause the device to malfunction, the seller will be paid are responsible for maintenance, service charges and material costs, as appropriate. ⑶ response time: the seller to respond within one hour after receipt of the customer's notice. For normal fault, the seller will be in the form of telephone or E-MAIL guide the buyer to resume production as soon as possible. For the buyer can not be resolved fault, Seller warrants to send a qualified service technician arrives on-site repair buyer. In the factory outlets chillers, low temperature chillers, air-cooled chiller, water cooled chiller, screw chiller, chiller special injection molding, extrusion dedicated chiller, reactor cooling equipment, roller chillers and other refrigeration equipment.

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